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Submitted by Anonymouse in Shoplifting

I'm looking at getting a 3DS, not necessarily the newest or best though. What places do you guys know about that keep them relatively accessible? I would try the ol' Amazon Didn't Deliver trick but I don't have the money to order one. I've got an S3 key and a hook detacher, what are my options?



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Anonymouse OP wrote

They keep them out on the sales floor there? I'll give them a go tomorrow, but my BB only has one blind spot as far as i know. Does anyone know if they have security tags in them?


Throwdown321 wrote

they dont, they have it in a metal cage, or at least in those plastic boxes. iN 2000s they had it out in the open, i was able to just lift directly from the box.(gba).


Drshoplifter wrote

Best Buy. See if there’s a blind spot over in the kitchen appliance section. If there is hide the day in one of the refrigerators and detag it. Bag it up the next day and walk out. Best Buy is no hands no chase. So park in a nearby parking lot so they won’t see your car if you have to run.