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RobbinHood92 wrote

Like the Target guy commented. Why don’t you lift the book from your university book store????

Make yourself a booster backpack


ifthreewerenine OP wrote (edited )

The Uni I'm going to has an impenetrable bookstore.

Also, I need 14 textbooks. I definitely can't lift them all from the same bookstore even if the books were out on shelves. I'd have to go back a ton of times to get what I need, and I can't be bothered to go to those lengths.


Throwdown321 wrote

before you do anything, look online for any torrented, or pdf version of the textbooks. Thats what i did, i dint want to spend hundreds on books. however, this was in 2014ish, before they started taking down torrents, and pirated pdf sites for textbook. i implore you to search for them first online. apple products are quite expensive for thier average quality, i would target these items.