easy to lift / easy to flip - suggestions?

Submitted by ifthreewerenine in Shoplifting

I'm in a tough financial spot right now. I'm looking for things that I can sell to be able to afford the $500 worth of textbooks I have to buy this month.

I'm good on cosmetics, but what else can I lift, and from where?

I typically conceal items, as I'm not ballsy enough for walkouts so ideally items will be small and easily liftable.



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thief wrote

AirPods are too easy if you know what you're doing and don't get caught.

Makeup is also easy.

Power tools are probably medium-hard difficulty but they can flip easily and net you several hundreds.


lift_fever wrote

I saw at my local Walmart that the TI-84 calculators are put out on display for back to school. They’re usually behind peg locks. The only problem is that it’s source tagged and you’re looking to sell, but I’m sure you could still make a pretty penny selling it without the box and describing it as “never used.” By no means easy to lift but there won’t be another time of the year where it’ll be easier.


DontFuckWithTarget wrote

So in addition to the lock alarm, there is another in the box?


lift_fever wrote

It’s usually behind the locks that you have to get an associate to open, not an alarm. And yeah people on the old sub said it’s source tagged. But right now at least for my location, they put it at the front of the store with all the other back to school stuff instead of in the stationery section. So you can take it right off the display instead of having to ask the employee.


DontFuckWithTarget wrote

I’m in the same boat. Headphones are good. I made a good amount of cash last year selling AirPods.

Video games have a good market as well. Think of things people want, but aren’t willing to pay full price for. That way when you try to sell the item at a marked down price, people will be all over it.

Why don’t you lift the textbooks themselves? Does your university have a bookstore?


RobbinHood92 wrote

Like the Target guy commented. Why don’t you lift the book from your university book store????

Make yourself a booster backpack


ifthreewerenine OP wrote (edited )

The Uni I'm going to has an impenetrable bookstore.

Also, I need 14 textbooks. I definitely can't lift them all from the same bookstore even if the books were out on shelves. I'd have to go back a ton of times to get what I need, and I can't be bothered to go to those lengths.


Throwdown321 wrote

before you do anything, look online for any torrented, or pdf version of the textbooks. Thats what i did, i dint want to spend hundreds on books. however, this was in 2014ish, before they started taking down torrents, and pirated pdf sites for textbook. i implore you to search for them first online. apple products are quite expensive for thier average quality, i would target these items.


Lurkerz wrote

Anything Too faced in the box sell half price on mercari.com flips in minutes all day long, half price streaming devices roku etc,half price google home mini,echo dot etc, designer perfumes and colognes gucci,dolce and Gabbana etc, anything with Nintendo switch,anything with Fuji instax mini cameras and film.....literally everything started above that's still unopened in the box at roughly half price some items you can sell for even more on mercari.com will sell in less than a day every single time I promise