First time using detachers

Submitted by DontFuckWithTarget in Shoplifting

So I went out yesterday to test out my golf, alpha, and hook detachers.

I hadn’t used them before, so I toke a while using them. My hook got stuck inside one the tags and it took me a while to pull it out. Thankfully, ‘‘twas a big store with like three employees.

Then I used my s3 on a 3alarm. After multiple attempts, I realized it “stuck” to the side of it rather than the front. The it released a satisfying “chirp”.

I definitely need more practice detagging to be able to do it quickly.

I am liking the idea of a booster bag and just worrying about detagging at home.

Still having tried a spider wrap. Any tips? This is the most intimidating for me.



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Throwdown321 wrote

you can try them on random items you dont intend to steal before moving on to the real prizes.,