Getting caught at Zumiez (Old Story)

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This happened around January, Me and my friend were going through our Skater phase, we decided to hit zumiez (we hit zumiez many times in the past). We went into the store and started browsing, the worker there kept asking us questions (we were acting really sus) once she went on the other side of the store, i grabbed a beanie and tryed it on, i decided i wanted it. So, i grabbed a pair of pants and put the beanie inside of a pocket. the guy that worked there also, asked me if i wanna try the pants on, i obviously said yes. he grabbed the pants and brought them up to the check out, im pretty sure he felt the beanie inside of the pants. i went into the dressing room and took the beanie out and put it in my backpack. when i come out, i see my friend already leaving (took 2 caps) the worker gets out of the store and walks up to him, started telling him to empty his bag and shit. she started screaming "SECURITY SECURITY SECURITY!!!!" my friend dipped from her and she chased him, keep in mind that zumiez employees are not allowed to leave the store. my boy ran out of the mall and got caught by some white trash boomer. they took him to the security office and made him fill out his info (he put fake info) let him go because he lied about his age. while all this was happening, i hid inside a Dick's until i calmed down. finally found him at some store near the mall, told me everything that happened. A good 4 monthes after the incident, my friend got a message on tinder from the worker that chased him (pretty much told him that he's a loser and other shit)


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Got caught at the local Zumiez back in June, haven't stepped foot in the store since. They got a picture of me but didn't record any of my info, and let me go. I wonder what they did with the picture tbh.


Drshoplifter wrote

I don’t shop at Zumiez much. Smaller stores can be harder, because it’s easier for employees to watch you. That’s why I prefer large clothing stores. Like Dillard’s. Dillard’s is a personal favorite.