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slickwillie79 wrote

Electronic stores intimidate me personally... I couldn't imagine lifting anything expensive from one. Small items sure, but nothing worthwhile


Ferrosplice wrote

Australian here. I mostly lift from JB hi-fi, but they have pretty good security so I wouldnt reccomend it. Try looking for lesser known electronic stores, those probably wont have security on par with bigger stores.


Throwdown321 wrote

what electronics are you trying to lift? if its a run of the mill stuff like laptops and such probably frys, best buys? walmart, target.


ifthreewerenine wrote

Eh...I would steer clear. Try the Amazon scam if you haven't done it before. Or lift small items, sell and then you can afford whatever big expensive shit you want to buy.


Drshoplifter wrote

Trust me Best Buy is easier than the community here thinks. Not only are they easy. They’re also no hands no chase.