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ravengrace wrote

I go back and buy something small once in a while so they will see me as a customer. But I don't really lift anything huge so


Lurkerz wrote

This is highly dependent on well assuming you werent caught or like chased outta the store,on what you lifted. For example say you go to a big Walmart 3 times a week and lift a pop and candy bar well your probably fine to keep on doing it without concern. Now if you lifted a TV or shark vaccum even if you werent caught they may roll back the cameras once they notice it missing thru inventory or something so in that case wait at least a month.


slickwillie79 wrote

I've never been caught. This might be careless to some but I lift occasionally at stores I frequently shop at. I find it's actually beneficial because you get to know the store's blind spots in more detail at places you shop at regularly. But if I was caught at one I'd probably never go back lol


Azballer97 wrote

If you wear a hat or glasses and have a different appearance, you can go more every 2 weeks..


DontFuckWithTarget wrote

If I deem it a “close call” I stay away for a couple of months.

This usually works because when I revisited a grocery store that I though I was seen at, they had an entirely new staff! Lol

It was like going to a new store.


Throwdown321 wrote

i would say once a week, if you were not caught. if you were caught stay away from store for at least 1 year. Also depends on the type of store, is attached to a mall, if so, you can come in different entrances each time.


Stealformyson wrote

I never thought to wait but im new to this so i'm a bit excited.

Anyways i have gone in like once a week. Normally waiting 2-3 weeks inbetween though. But its the local walmart and i only steal little so i try to go as often as i normally would. And steal small things though after this last time was close so i havent been back yet. May go tonight though.