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lift_fever wrote

I’m a girl but I’m just curious - How do you lift makeup as a guy? I feel so out of place when I’m in a Home Depot lol.


Lurkerz wrote

Lol I've found makeup is one of the most profitable and fastest things to flip. I hit ulta and sephora and tjmaxx frequently...if it's really busy I just make sure I'm dress really well then I walked in pretend to call my "girlfriend" and fake conversation grabbing her what shes telling me then in ulta for example I'll head back over to hair products conceal everything and leave...I basically lifted 1 of every too faced product at ulta and Sephora this week alone plus tarte,lancome,marc Jacob's. For a straight guy I literally knew everything about makeup but I taught myself so I can make more $$ lol


lift_fever wrote

Ooh, the phone thing is so smart. Honestly you’d probably get sussed less as a guy because if you were LP who would you watch - the teen girl with a purse who needs the makeup for personal use, or the guy who’s getting in and out to grab a few things for his girlfriend? The only thing is that SAs might be more on your ass by assuming you need help but the phone call saves you from all that.


Throwdown321 wrote

really depends on how you use your phone, its an old trick, and i was able to flush out a undercover security because he was prenteding to be on his phone, it wasnt even on.


Camark3 wrote

I agree with this. Depends on how you're using it, but the phone is an old trick.