Does everyone agree that big companies are evil and rip off their impoverished workers?

Submitted by Drshoplifter in Shoplifting

I’m just wondering if we’re all on the same page. Dillard’s made my poor old grandma work 3 hours off the clock every day. If she reports she gets fired. I’d rob them until they go out of business and wouldn’t even feel bad. There’s countless other similar stories to this one from all sorts of major chains. What do you guys think?


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MrPotatoeHead wrote

Does your grandma have a smartphone that can record the conversations where she's told she has to work three hours for free and not to report it? With proof, she'll get a nice payout. My sister was being screwed over by another large company. She got the union involved, with evidence in hand. She received all her back pay and a large pay increase. Many large companies are run by assholes that are out to fuck over every employee that they can. Fight back with proof.


Drshoplifter wrote

She quit that job. I wish she would’ve got proof, I would’ve and I’d file a suit through EEOC


Throwdown321 wrote

especially now that they thier taxes are reduced to 21%, they have more reason to keep out of employees hands.


SuperDave wrote

I can tell you first hand this is true. the manager at heb didn't like me because of my disability and bullied me and made my life miserable. I suffered depression from that job, and emotional trauma from the discrimination. I went to hr and they didn't take it seriously.


gone wrote

That's why I lurk and would like to help by aggregating data or doing something behind the scenes. Minding my own business and not distracting or annoying you seems to be a bit more difficult, unfortunately.

Go, shoplifters! Ra ra ra!


Amberzey wrote

I'm hitting dillards today just for your grandma. My best friends mom worked there and got treated the same. Cancer patient and still not a single fk given when she needed a break.


Drshoplifter wrote

Dillards is my favorite store because of my grandmother. I haven't paid for a new outfit in years. Also i believe you.


Whatchagonnado wrote

Yep. Wal-Mart actually trains it’s people how to apply for federal help like food stamps.

Now I don’t dent anyone food stamps- not anyone. But if the richest family in the world paid their associates fairly that money could go elsewhere.


zx1300 wrote

yeah but what's even more sick than the companies are the workers that ass kiss the higher ups and rat out their fellow employees. i used to see it when i worked at those shit companies, so a lot of them are just as despicable .


666t wrote

id rather companys rip off their workers than rip off me.