Tagging behind the Bar Code

Submitted by Thorne in Shoplifting

How can I tell this is here? I was at walmart lifting electronics and got scared about the rfid underneath bar codes so I decided to take everything i was stealing out of its packaging and was afraid leaving behind evidence like that. What is the best way to get around this?



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Lurkerz wrote

Carry a pocket knife and slice a line thru the barcode or if it's like a clothing style where the tag hangs there just rip a tear in it


a7824 wrote

They can hide tags in ordinary looking bar code stickers. I guess you can just remove any bar code sticker if you see it. Assuming you mean stickers not bar codes printed on the box


Thanksreddit wrote (edited )

Barcodes do not set off sensors

Not sure if trolling


Lurkerz wrote

What the OP and I were referring to is sometimes there is rfid tags behind the barcodes I know barcodes dont set off sensors


CeeCee18 wrote

When I lift from Walmart I always buy a few things as well. If I'm scared about hidden sensors I just head to the bathroom after I pay and remove the packaging.