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Thanksreddit wrote (edited )

My Walmart calls someone from electronic to check all returns but they check for cords. You might get away with it but some guy just got busted for stripping pcs and returning them. News story said it near 100k in loss. Golden rule: don't get greedy


CeeCee18 wrote

I saw that news article. He got away with it for 18 months before he got caught, though. I just want to do it on one item.


RobbinHood92 wrote

Yeah. That is crappy. If they’re going to strip. Might as well take and replace.

Like the best I can think you can take from PC. Is DDR4 which is like 80 for 8GB.

For me. I’ll strip them and replace them with like DDR2 or 3.

But honestly. I can see anything valuable in Walmart PC