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I know CVS got rid of their LP last year or the year before and since then at most some of the store employ private security.

Is this still the deal?

CVS used to be one of my favorite places to hit. The only thing you ever had to worry about is them getting your plates and getting caught after the fact which I like to think is unlikely.

Is it really that easy?



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ifthreewerenine wrote

What would you even lift from CVS that's worth boosting?


StranglerThangs wrote

Never had a problem yet I take cough syrup from there my brain liikesssss it. Different locations have more or less cameras, no idea if any1 watches but I keep it quick, in n out. Staff greets me sometimes... Rarely see the same person behind the counter.... Prob part time horseshit. Rite aid is better tho some don't even have cameras even in the liquor isle.


Thanksreddit wrote

Yeah. Considering there's a cvs on every corner you should get tired of it real quick. GL


slickwillie79 wrote

I agree with ifthreewerenin, there isnt much to take from there. I've lifted a lot from there but just for my own use. Like tooth brushes, toothpaste, and various toiletries lol place is pretty worthless


LikeDigitalaoap wrote (edited )

I asked the cashier at cvs. She said most of their lp is gone. But they have it at certain stores. She said they didn’t have it at the store I currently lift from. I wonder though about cameras. It seems way too easy. I only see a camera in the baby section and by the alcohol. Also by the registers and of course the pharmacy.