Is it true?

Submitted by RobbinHood92 in Shoplifting

I just read somewhere on reddit that. Macy knows you’re shop lifting but doesn’t do anything. Until they have documented that you have stolen over this much $$$$ then they’ll hit you hard with all the proof and everything.

Mannn. Made me think about twice hitting the mall near me.

Maybe it’s about time. To bite the bullet and drive farther to get some nicer clothes for free. 65miles is worth the drive.... I guess


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Drshoplifter wrote

No that isn’t true. If and only if they see you stealing, they’ll stop you.


madmaggs wrote

Not true at least at the location I used to work at. I’ve seen people tackled for stealing underwear. They do keep tabs of how much each lift/attempted lift was for their own personal. I assume if you got away and came back and they were to press charges they would add all the information together to get it to a felony


RobbinHood92 wrote

No no no. Haha I was not charged or caught(to my knowledge)

I go in the mall with let’s say express bag. Hit up Macy. Take a bunch of clothes to fitting room and pocket like 2 shirt into my express bad and put everything else back.