How far do you drive to your lift store?

Submitted by RobbinHood92 in Shoplifting

There is a mall near me. Like 25-30mins. That I been hitting like once a week for 2 weeks now.

Should I drive a bit farther like 1 hour to another mall and hit there?

What I do is. I shop from there and keep the shopping bags. Just use it to stuff my clothes in next time :3

So far so good. I even got magnets this time hehe. Thinking about hitting tomorrow


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Lurkerz wrote

I frequently take uber to my lift spot do my thing whatever store it may be leave on foot and get picked up by uber again at another nearby business thus having to ever worry about plates or if I'm chased outta the store I can run without leaving a car behind then get picked up elsewhere


Thanksreddit wrote

Yeah go further. Once a month to twice a month is how often you should go to most stores. How long does it take you to hit the entire mall? I do it in one trip


RobbinHood92 wrote

It takes about 1 hour. Or something around that. Because my mall is kind of small. 1 story except sear/Macy/Jcpenny/Belk