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Thanksreddit wrote (edited )

shes right, in bigger cities in sketch neighborhood store Walmart is very dangerous to lift from. I never knew what a blind spot wasn't until I went to an entirely different state. Like you guys seriously don't have cameras in every aisle? It's a literal blind spot, numbers of them, craziest shit ive ever seen. Even my grocery stores don't have blind spots

As for OP id stay out of the city and in the burbs.


Stealformyson wrote

Hate to bug you about 3 days after. Is it a blind spot if the cameras are above? Alot of the aisles with higher price items have cameras. However other areas of the store dont but there are cameras above on a pole with that black dome underneath. Realized one was above me while lifitng once was worried they saw me as i put things in my sons diaper bag/back pack.


Thanksreddit wrote

The cameras in the aisles with monitors aren't live cameras, they record to an SD card. Not all dome cameras are monitored at all times. Staying out of high theft areas while concealing is your best bet at stores withiyt blind spots