Meijer near me does not have working exit alarm, trap?

Submitted by bwqrdsaf in Shoplifting

Couple days ago I bought a new movie that just came out (I know it's better to download and steal rather than physical disc) but anyway it came in Alpha case. I went through self checkout and waited for a cashier to open it but they were busy and after a few minutes I just left without having them open it, dremeling it open was faster anyway.

No alarm went off. Today I took the piece that had the blue and black thing inside and checked. Walmart's alarm went off so I know it's working (and I faked "damn not again, forgot to leave my stuff in the car" and went out. I then went to Meijer and when I walked in, no alarm. I bought a few groceries (quick in and out, nowhere near expensive stuff) and when I left, no alarm either.

Thus Meijer near me does not have working alarm or they have silent only alarm and they check quietly. Any way to tell which is it?


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Drshoplifter wrote

It’s definitely just not a working alarm. Not a silent alarm. Silent alarms serve no purpose because security can’t stop you without seeing you conceal merchandise. The alarm isn’t enough evidence