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terrificbuilder wrote

I personally don't or very rarely buy stuff when I lift. I don't because it gives LP or employees potentially more time to ID me, rewatch tape, set me up, etc. In and out as quickly as possible.

To your other points don't rip tags off. the only ones you need to worry about are like RFID stuff or raised white strips on packaging.

Walmart is pretty easy (depends on the area) grocery stores are simple (again depends on the area) and Dollar stores are a cake walk.

Again really depends on the area. I recently moved to a mid size city that has virtually zero crime, zero homeless population, and very much so middle-class community. Stealing here is an absolute cake walk, even the walmart as LP in this town is virtually non-existent. I haven't bought groceries here in over a month that's how easy it is. So again, depends on the area.


Stealformyson wrote

I wish i could get area specific to know. Its suburban if thst helps. But not super suburban we have our areas that are seedier than others.

Not that i think that helps.