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Stealformyson wrote

Walmart right now.

With water in self checkout dont you have to lift to scan then theyd see it? Its a fairly large walmart. I get away with stuff at night becuase less associates and people around but always a person at self checkout. Some of walmarts clothes have security tags though so hoping to get something to remove those.


RobbinHood92 wrote

Hehehe. Then I got the answer for you.

There is magnets in Home Depot called neodymium magnets. Very very strong. Get a few packs. I got 4 packs(3 magnets inside) in total 12 all together.

Then you remove like this

It took me like a 30 second- a minute to remove them. Or you can get wire cutters and cut them. Might cut a bit of clothes while you’re at it. But hey. Free stuff what am I complaining