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Lurkerz wrote

The tags dont make the alarms go off only the raised white thick ones do if you know what I'm saying, all the items your talking about more than likely arent tagged so the whole bathroom removing tag process is not needed. Also you definitely dont need to buy stuff when you lift BUT if you come into the store with a kid and a diaper bag shop around then leave without buying something thats kinda sketch because what parent wants to deal with a kid in a store then buy nothing? So I'd suggest coming without him,also I assure you that they wont up security because of you or even notice the items missing your such small time to some people that unless LP sees you hide a product you have nothing to worry about.


Stealformyson wrote

Thanks :) i guess part of my brain is worried theyll search my bag and i can say its my sons stuff though i fully plan to refuse them searching my bag.

I dont really have a purse. Just the bag i use as his diaper bag. And i feel like whose gonna suspect a lady with a baby haha. But yeah ill skip that process going forward. Would the kids shoes have alarms? Idk fully what does and doesnt if its hidden in tags and such.

Thats my thinking. Im a small fry noone cares. Just worried if they do. Im such a noob.