Stealing Alcohol?

Submitted by kraken in Shoplifting

So in my Walmart, I believe the Alcohol is kept in a normal spot without any extra security, so should I be fine just bagging that shit and leaving?


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Thanksreddit wrote

I wouldn't conceal it i that aisle but sure. Don't take multiples and don't take the last one. Gl


Drshoplifter wrote

Alcohol is bulky. But usually cheep so Walmart often won’t even call the cops. They don’t believe in pressing charges for petty theft. Still better safe than sorry tho. Conceal it where they can’t see you


kraken wrote

Indeed. I'm not really talking like packs of beer, more like just bottles and shit. I've got low tolerance.


Drshoplifter wrote

I hide wine in blind spots and steal it the next day. I use a rather large backpack and still never get caught. get the llano blush or llano sweet red. those are sweet, and not disgusting like most other wine.