How to conceal large items in clothing?

Submitted by Drshoplifter in Shoplifting

I usually use a bag, but i want to switch over and use my clothing. Anyone here have tips on concealing things in clothing? not super large items. just items that wont fit in pockets. Like a pair of beats. I was thinking of making a pouch out of faraday fabric. and taping it to the inside of a baggy pair of shorts. Would that work? how do you guys do it?


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slickwillie79 wrote

Personally, I stay away from bags completely. I try to wear as little clothing as possible as a rule and even use gym shorts quite often. I find boxer briefs are great to shove shit down too since they hold whatever object close to you securely.


thief wrote

Sounds good, but I'd prefer to wait til winter, so you have a reasonable excuse to wear large items of clothing i.e. jackets. I've gotten away with so much this way. You can also conceal long items down your pants.


Drshoplifter wrote

im using baggy shorts for summer. i may try to get a few things tomorrow like this. Even if it bulges its not sus to lp as long as you walk in with it looking like that. if someone asks about it I may just say my gun. lol. That way they cant app me because i have a weapon and its too dangerous.