Update to dillards.

Submitted by BERNIEEE12 in Shoplifting (edited )

I went with a friend to dillards he stole a nike shirt i think there was cameras in the rooms and cops pulled up on both of us thank god for me I put my shit in my underwear so they couldnt find anything on me but he went to the juvenile detention center and got a fine i think and i just got let off and banned for being with him.. My heart was beating the whole time and i probably wont lift again..My grandpa had to come and he was pissed at me still .. So people please be careful of hidden cameras.. Mind you he came in wearing a hoodie and backpack.. Im only 14 btw


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Thanksreddit wrote (edited )

If you concealed in a dressing room and took in half a dozen shirts and only stole one, how did they catch you?


BERNIEEE12 wrote

He took 1 only and i didnt get caught cause they were sketched because i lifted there before.


Drshoplifter wrote

Dillards is easy, theres a huge furniture section with no cameras in every store ive been to. thats where you go to conceal. be careful next time and make sure you aren't being followed.


thief wrote (edited )

Intriguing. Well, if you're not going to lift again that's your decision. However, if you want to and are just scared, I'd suggest pulling small lifts at dollar trees and smaller stores (if you're trusted out of the house after this..) Just avoid dangerous stores like Dillards unless you have a method or a plan.