scanning question

Submitted by ifthreewerenine in Shoplifting

On the old subreddit, I read a few threads that described concealing items in a cereal box (or something) and scanning the cereal and walking away with small electronics and other commonly tagged items inside the box. Apparently scanning the box was able to prevent the other items from ringing the gates. Is that true? If so, how?


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ifthreewerenine wrote

That's what I thought. I wish I had access to that particular thread. Nearly everyone unanimously agreed that it was a foolproof method, as though simply running a scanner near RFID tags was enough to deactivate them.


Drshoplifter wrote

No it definitely won’t deactivate the tags. You can however ignore the alarm and just keep walking.


thief wrote

Not possible. Scanners don't demagnetize tags. Magnets and S3 Keys do.


lift_fever wrote

I don't think that's true because the electronics have their own RFID attached to it. And obviously the cereal box won't protect the signals from going through.