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terrificbuilder wrote

Grocery stores, doesn't matter which one, any of them. Especially when they put their deal stuff outside the entrance before you even walk in the store, brilliant. They'll have a huge display of potato chips all set up next to the shopping carts before you even walk into the damn store. I"ll just grab a few bags, turn around, and walk out.

Dollarama or Freeorama as I like to call it. Dollar store with zero cameras in any of their stores (except pointed at the entrance to scare you) usually only 2 to 3 people working at most. I can literally walk in there with a backpack, open it up, and just start throwing shit in there and then walk out.


thief wrote


They don't even lock up their power tools and mine has no scanner in the back entrance/mall entrance.

They make it too easy to make profit


Drshoplifter wrote

I’ll have to pay them a visit


thief wrote

You'll be in for a treat if you do, being a smaller chain than home depot means no LP. Just a lot of cameras, so find yourself a blind spot.


lift_fever wrote

Another vote for Walmart. Get everything you want all in one place.