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Itsminenowthx wrote

IDK about Pokemon, but I have acquired many many MTG cards starting from the zendikar series release. I imagine it's the same thing. With MTG cards, they're a single foil pack inside of a paper/plastic container (unless you go to a comic shop but there they're behind a counter normally). They have no tags but the container makes it so you can't pocket them.

I usually just wore an easily adjustable belt, get to the store and pretend to shop for a few minutes, use the bathroom and loosen the belt a bit so you can put stuff under the belt. Leave then go grab the packs of playing cards (at my Walmarts they're in the center of the registers close to the books and as seen on TV section), get to a blind spot, stuff the cards, tighten the belt, ???, Profit.

Did that weekly at Walmart, target, sometimes Kroger, and some books a million (usually they're behind a counter there tho). Left the store with roughly 10 packs a visit, but in winter I could take more (cuz jackets).

If my methods ain't right or necessary I'd love to hear improvements, but yeah.