Items dragged over black block by cashiers. Is that anti theft?

Submitted by Anarki in Shoplifting

Went to a store to "grab" something but I also bought it's cheaper worse alternative to blend in. This store has those anti theft detectors at the entrance. Anyway when I paid for my item the cashier scanned the item then dragged it across this black block then handed it to me. What was that? Nothing came off the item and when I opened it up there was no chip or whatever inside. So what was it? This was at s pharmacy and I want to take some meds.


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Thanksreddit wrote

You got a pic of it from google?

Prob a demagnetizer, employees don't know what's tagged or not and just demagnetized everything as a precaution


Drshoplifter wrote

It’s definitly a device to deactivate rf tags. The cashier honestly doesn’t know when an item is tagged so they swipe everything over it. If it is tagged the device will beep and deactivate it.


bwqrdsaf wrote

Generally if you don't hear a zapping sound and the alarm doesn't go off, the item you got are either not tagged at all or was a store return and previously deactivated. Those disposable tags are one time use and can't be reactivated. The exception are the permanent tags in spiderwrap and alpha cases, they can't be deactivated.

If you don't hear a zap but the alarm went off, the cashier may have not done it right or the deactivator was not working.