How effective is the "full bag" method

Submitted by Sandboxgamer16 in Shoplifting

Since I am taking a trip down to the retail park today I wanted to shoplift a few things. Now from what I know there are 3 shops without security towers

  1. B&M (no security towers and large building with only few staff at a time. Unfortunately they have ptz cameras but no lp as far as I know)
  2. PoundStretcher (basic cameras with only 1-2 staff on shop floor at a time. Really easy to steal small items like cheap medicines and caffeine pills)
  3. poundland (has security towers but no security tags on any items so the towers might be fake)

Now I want to hit up B&M today and steal some alcohol and have decided to put my coat in a bag to look full.

Is the full shopping bag method effective at all?


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Thanksreddit wrote (edited )

Liquor in my stores are inventoried daily and the multi pack beers weekly. That leaves some only wine and single served 32oz cans. If i were to steal liquor I'd prob not return for a while, like six months


Drshoplifter wrote

I do that all the time. if your careful and conceal off cam youll be fine