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Shadymystery1 wrote

If you were successful you wouldnt be stealing from the corporation, you'd be stealing from the cashier in charge of that cash register. They have to pay out of pocket for any money missing, my friend was scammed out of $100 and it came out of her paycheck and she ended up short on rent. I lent her the money so she wouldn't be evicted. I'm a shoplifter because I know I'm hitting the company, not the workers.


Throwdown321 wrote (edited )

this isnt lifting you know. Its called burglary at this point, when your stealing money, or the charges can be upgraded to a robbery attempt, if your trying to take it by force, like wrestling away from a cashiers person, or hitting her, or carry a weapon.

Its automatic felony, not shoplifting anymore. also stealing this way, will guaranteed call from the cops at some point.


sudo wrote

In the United States, it's illegal to deduct so much from a paycheck that it would end up being less than minimum wage. If she lives in the United States, and if they did deduct enough from her paycheck that it came in under minimum wage, tell her to report it to the Department of Labour. Supposedly the DoL is quite strict about these types of things. They will make sure she gets paid at least minimum wage for the amount of hours she worked.


Drshoplifter wrote

My grandmother worked at Dillard’s and they would do similar, illegal things to their paycheck. If they report they get fired.


Drshoplifter wrote (edited )

Typically they made her work off of the clock a few hours. She worked 11 hours and got paid 8.

Edit: big companies find ways to screw over their impoverished workers. Lowes let her go because she had cancer. Macy’s laid her off and she had to threaten to sue to get her severance.That’s why I don’t mind ripping them off for a few high dollar items.