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Submitted by thief in Shoplifting

If it isn't obvious enough already, I am a knife enthusiast. I will try to lift something other than a knife in a couple.

This was the exact model I lifted a couple years ago, so when I walked into the hardware store I thought I'd take a look at the knives to see if they've restocked the model. I walked into the mall feeling confident yet ever so mildly spooked, so I walked past the mall entrance to the store to see which employees were where. I then turned back around and entered the store, acting like I was counting shelves, then dipped (deeper into the store).

When I was at the aisle I acted like a customer. Acted like I was looking and texting, looking at screws and stuff, you know. This wasn't a particularly interesting day, but there's more.

When I was acting like a customer I saw this dude employee walk in the distance back and forth with his phone out which instantly made me think I was caught (because this is the store that I was snitched on [if you know the story]) but I still kept my cool and confidence. I didn't think like that for long, so I looked over at the knives when I thought this would be my time. I then heard literally a shelf over...

"Hold on, I've got a customer ... [unintelligible]"

That instantly made my heart sink because my hand was already on pictured knife so I instantly thought "Okay, do it." So I shoved it down my shirt away from cameras and employees.

I don't think they were talking about me because no one came to investigate me afterwards so when I shoved that knife down my shirt I started walking out of the store. I made it. Now, as of this post the mall is closed and I'm disappointed I didn't do a whole ass haul because I feel like I had potential right there. But I guess there is tomorrow.

I'm skeptical about going tomorrow because that's the 2nd day in a row I've been there to lift, but I will probably still go. Maybe at a different store.

Q: Is the pictured knife a good knife?

A: No, maybe. Liner lock knives are frustrating and the thumbstud on this one doesn't ever work. It's VERY sharp though, which can be useful.

tl;dr: Lifted pictured knife, employees acted sketch around me, impulsively took the knife I was looking at and made it.


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Drshoplifter wrote

I love knives too. I have a bunch. I like that knife. Also going a second day in a row to lift isn’t that bad. I did every day for a couple weeks until they started following me everywhere and I couldn’t get away with it anymore.


thief wrote

I like the knife a lot too. It's very sharp, looks like POWER, and isn't cheap. It closes fine if you know how to use a liner lock, but the only problem I have with it is opening it. I suppose liner locks aren't the type of knives to be a quick draw, but yeeah opening it isn't its best feature.


Throwdown321 wrote

i think they were on to you, better not go back to that store, i would look for the same store in another region, or city, or area to lift on.


thief wrote

No, they weren't. 3rd day in a row now I've been there and they've given me no troubles. They ignore me. I'm fine. I'm going back another time


Thanksreddit wrote (edited by a moderator )

I made surprised it wasn't source tagged. What of mall has a home Depot?


thief wrote

It's a 15.99 knife, so it's not that big of a deal for them I assume. And it's not a Home Depot, it's a smaller chain, which I will avoid saying the name of for security reasons--but it's really funny because they don't have a scanner at the back entrance, where people from the mall walk in, but they do at the front of the store. Flawless design.