For everyone asking about breaking into display cases.

Submitted by Drshoplifter in Shoplifting

I posted a question asking what would happen if I broke into a display case without stealing anything. And here’s the answers I got


For all of you asking about how to take things behind the counter, I would get the merch out and stage it, come back for it later. If nothing is stolen then it’s technically not burglary. You should still be very careful and do this when you know there is no lp on duty. That’s by far the safest way to shoplift. You can pretend to apply or befriend an employee there and find out.


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thief wrote

Breaking into display cases is literally the dumbest idea one could do. We're shoplifters. There are smarter methods than this. If you want something expensive and shattered glass you might as well pull a jewel store heist.


Drshoplifter wrote

I meant picking the lock. Your right tho. It may be smarter to trick employee into letting you walk around the store with it.


Drshoplifter wrote

We should all brainstorm and come up with a better way to do this. A lot of people ask about it.


youbuyingweselling wrote

im thinking, going in at night, unlocking the case and either taking it then and there or staging it and sending someone in later. it would be a complete burn so i would just take what i wanted and clear it out + wear a disguise of some sort. you can unlock these cylinder locks with a tool that is used to create copies of the internal pins of the lock, im figuring these stores are going to use the same lock and the same keys (i have noticed the same numbered lock at different stores). i think speed would be the issue here and how fast you could these slider cases open. i always check them when im instore and have found them unlocked before so its very possible.


Throwdown321 wrote

display case with out the s3 key or a lock to open it is a hassle, it took me weeks to get 1 item, because i only came in once a week to do it.