returning after caught

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I was caught at wegmans around February and given a lifetime ban (basically told "i have to tell you to leave and not come back") and have been returning back every couple of months since, not to lift just to shop. i usually wear a wig and semi different clothes and switch purses (im paranoid af lol) but im wondering what are the chances that w all this ill still be caught coming back? will they even care as long as im not lifting?

only asking cuz i got a gc and miss their coffee


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thief wrote

If they haven't recognized you in months you're probably safe. I wouldn't suggest going back to normal appearance for a couple of months. Right now, the only chances of you being caught are A. if you hand over your ID to purchase something and they recognize it as you, or B. if you're caught lifting again and the police ID you.

They're probably still going to care if they find out it's you. Purchasing something alongside stolen goods is a common tactic that lifters use, even if you didn't do that yourself. They handed you a permanent ban and I'm pretty sure that it can be upgraded to criminal trespassing or burglary if you're caught.

Just don't be stupid. Best of luck and happy lifting.


Drshoplifter wrote

I never hear of people getting caught coming back so it’s probably safe. The one case I did hear about they just asked him to leave.


Throwdown321 wrote

I did to a target, i only came back after like 2 years, when the mall reopened/renovated, because theres a huge chance the security guards will not be working there anymore. and there were so many entrances.


Drshoplifter wrote

I was stealing at cabelas once and caught them following me so I paid for the item. They banned me when I came in next week. So I guess I was kind of caught coming back.


Thanksreddit wrote

What didn't you steal and how did you get caught? Is there not another location to go to? You broke a major rule of stealing in your neighborhood