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RobbinHood92 wrote

My god. Pokémon cards lol. I stole a lot of them. For my mother to throw them away xD


Throwdown321 wrote

1st lift was basically candy, but then it eventually upgraded to pokemon, and mtg, mtg i only stole very minimally, because there wasnt many places that sold them at the time. pokemon almost got me caught once. ive been stealing mtg for most of my shoplifting life, until after hs, i stopped 3 years after. than i went to pokemon tgc because they have codes for online purchases. I had to stop because target was my mainstay, and i only could go to inner city, however it has become more difficult since target constantly moves the cards around, sometime they are there 1 week and not another, thier lp and cameras have increased in frequency over the years.