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Drshoplifter wrote (edited )

I was at walmart and noticed the exit in lawn and garden that was completely unattended, and the way it was set up it would be obvious if someone was trying to follow me. so I thought "I can do this, it'll be easy". i concealed a watch, took it completely out of the package and left through the exit.

Edit: obviously i was nervous and had the whole store figured out, knew where all the blind spots were. I burried the watch under a bunch of other food items in a cart then took the cart to my blind spot and concealed only the watch. was able to quickly cut it out of the package while checking my surroundings, not looking at the watch. could've cut myself. then concealed. all in the blind spot. took the cart to the exit in lawn and garden and walked to my car parked in the handicap spot 10 feet away