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thief moderator wrote (edited )

In my opinion it's safe if you remove all data that can be linked back to you including the EXIF data and any serial numbers that can be linked back to you. There is a very slim chance that the manager of the store you lifted at is going to just so happen to stumble across this exact forum, randomly click on a post and find that that's the exact items that went missing from their store. I'm willing to take my chances. But kids, just remember! Scrub your images before posting.

"So please, for your own safety, don't make haul posts." You have good reasoning to back yourself up, but this is a forum of 300 people. I am going to be very surprised if I can find someone of the same state on this forum, let alone the manager of a store I've visited.

Perhaps if we put instructions on how to remove EXIF data and look for traceable serial numbers we should be good.