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Lurkerz wrote

Well assuming if I so choose to do so and they wont be deleted or I wont be banned then I know the risks and I'm willing to take them. If it leds to me being caught well then my risk my fall, anyways I personally think its overly cautious but to each there own.


Drshoplifter wrote

No you won’t be banned. Nor will we take it down. In fact we love seeing haul posts. We just want you to be careful.


ziq wrote

I don't think anyone should be banned or censored for choosing to share their hauls once they know the risks. If they use e.g. the u/anonymous account and scrub photos of any identifying data, it's their risk to take.


Throwdown321 wrote

it was only a problem on reddit, because when you post with the picture, you can immediately see it, and it got too much attention that way. of course there were a few people on that reddit's post thats are not hauls that actually caught even more attention.