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Lurkerz wrote (edited )

Well boys I tried your method and it was a stunning success so thanks everyone!

Thoughts on my haul? Fyi those sticky notes on the Nintendo switch games are because I already sold them they fucking sell so insanely fast its unreal. One of the games was sold within 10 seconds of posting and the rest all gone within 5 mins, so literally had all games flipped and made 110$ profit in FIVE MINUTES and that's not including everything else in the picture that's still for sale...probably be about 350$ profit when everything sells maybe more I dunno.


Istealurshit69 wrote

Did you beep beep on the way out? -_-


Thanksreddit wrote

I bet he did. That Phillips hub is source tagged


Lurkerz wrote

Actually I did not beep hmm must have got lucky cause I totally space Philip's are source tagged...everything shown except the film was either spiderwrapped or in alpha cases.


Drshoplifter OP wrote

This guy is a pro. He'd walk no matter how many employees yell at him to stop.