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Thanksreddit wrote

There's a thread a few posts down that says the store advertised one doesn't work.

Ive never used the foil. I don't like walking in with visible bags, it's a red flag. I will hide a drawstring bag underneath a sweater or in my pants. That's how I got my switch


Thorne wrote

so u don't use aluminum foil at all? sorry for the noob questions, i usually just de-tag and de-box everything in the bathroom and put raw items in a backpack. I seriously need to use a booster but im not sure the best way to do it.


Thanksreddit wrote

Nah I detag everything. Not everything hasn't tags. I try to leave little evidence of my presence, so I take as much packaging as possible.


Throwdown321 wrote

the drawsting bag under your clothes. is pretty interesting, you can probably use foil to shield any signal as well