How to get rid of tags.

Submitted by 0siris in Shoplifting

I've been scrolling through this forum for a while now, and I personally feel like a lot of people aren't sure how to get the tags off, or are not sure what magnets are for what tags. I am fairly new to lifting (only lifted for a little under a year) but ill add what knowledge I have from reading and experience. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten any magnets so my experience is lacking since I usually only go for merch that isn't tagged or with tags that can be removed without magnets.

Ink tags: Can be frozen and removed with a screwdriver. Will not set off alarms

Spider-wrap: Have heard S3 magnets will unlock, again I have not confirmed but I'm sure someone else on this forum can.

Sticker tags: Use a sharp object or tool, even your fingernails to peel it off.

Please add on more experienced users.


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Lurkerz wrote

If you have an s3 key which I do it's real easy to use yes theres little knotches to see where it lines up but you dont really wanna be holding it up in the air, so when I first got it if you just run the key along the top of whatever alpha box you'll feel it stick to the spot that unlocks the box it's really straightforward.


thief moderator wrote

Ink Tags: Correct.

Spider-Wrap: Spot on.

Sticker Tags: Absolutely.

Cable tags can literally be snipped.

Soft Tags (small adhesive ones mainly used in source tagging) can literally be peeled off as easy as an RFID sticker.


Drshoplifter wrote (edited )

S3 key definitely removes spider wrap, wine bottle tags and those little boxes that video games are in. I use a booster bag so that I don’t have to worry about tags. But I need to get more experienced with tags to help out this forum.

Edit: if a tag has the alpha logo on it, it can be removed with s3 key


0siris wrote

How do you use a magnet to open the security cases?


Drshoplifter wrote

theres going to be 2 little indents on the grey part of the box where you put the 2 pegs on the s3 key. they will be a little over an inch apart. put your magnets there.


Drshoplifter wrote

another alternative is to walk out and ignore the alarm and the employee asking you to stop. lol