A question on walking out with items.

Submitted by 0siris in Shoplifting (edited )

Im talking items that are much too large to be concealed.(fishtanks ,TV's,etc) any tips on walking out the store with it. What times would be best or wold a reception stapled to it be better? Sorry for my ignorance I'm JusT a bit lost.


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Lurkerz wrote

I've found a way for bigger items thats worked flawlessly so far for me. Anyways so as long as it's one big item that you can carry so no cart nothing I throw an old receipt in my pocket and go grab a nightstand for example, pick it up put the the receipt in my mouth then when I get to the door greeters approach them first and kinda mumble point to receipt but your hands are full carry the the thing and they will just wave you on...but I dont think this would work with a TV or expensive electronics it's just items like that most people assume you arent stealing it.


0siris wrote

Do you think this would work in a pet shop? Like for animal enclosure that are large but small enough to carry.


Drshoplifter wrote (edited )

Walkouts are extremely risky and you need to be careful. investigate and find out the lp is not scheduled at the store. call and pretend to apply, befriend employees. whatever. just be safe.

Edit: it’s also more obvious than you might think when your being watched. The cameras will move in the dome to follow you, or someone will follow you on foot. If you know your not being watched you can walk.


Thanksreddit wrote

You'll never be able to walk out with a Tv. Those are inventoried daily. You'll have to return merch and build up the funds for it.

I walked out with a Weber before at target. Put it in your cart, place full shopping bags in the seat compartment and walkout as if you paid from electronics.


Kaphs_kcin93 wrote

I have actually gotten 3 TV'S from 3 different Walmarts in the past year just walking out the front door. Two 43" and one 55", probably a little luck involved as I was a little too impatient and didn't prepare or plan like I should have. But really you just need an S3 key, a 24 hour walmart with 2 entrances, hit it at around 1-2 a.m. when there's no LP, minimal customers and a pretty thin staff. One entrance is closed late at night but doors can still be pushed open, usually no staff positioned anywhere near the closed entrance. Get your tv, lose the screamer wrap somewhere, and out the door. Just make sure not to get nervous or Spooked and linger too long with an empty store someone will notice.