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lift_fever wrote

I don’t know if Hudson Bay LP prefer to watch on floor or on cam but assume all cams are real... for a place that carries so much high end stuff it has to be real because what if there’s a robbery or something.

Shoppers has LP, especially in the mall ones. I prefer Rexall which I don’t think has LP since it’s always so quiet in every location I’ve been to.

Indigo I heard has LP but I’ve gotten away with a lot.

Roots, I don’t think they have LP but where I live (not a small town either) there’s a crime posting website and it doesn’t include shoplifters except from Roots. So do with that what you will.

I’ve never lifted at Canadian Tire but apparently they reserve the right to check your bags and they have a guy standing right near the exit; my friend said she’s seen armed guards but that was around the holidays.

Loblaws has LP but it’s still possible to lift there if you’re not sus.

Winners has plainclothes confirmed by someone in the old subreddit, I’ve heard some caught stories there too. Might be the same with Marshall’s. I believe they walk on floor rather than watch cams.

If you’re into girly stuff at all Ardene and Aritzia are good places with no LP. In fact Aritzia was my first lift. They have some Adidas stuff there too.

Can’t think of any more but I hope this helps! If any other Canadian reads this and wants to chime in feel free to :)


0siris wrote

Indigo/chapters focuses there security at the real entrance, always try to leave through the cafe if possible. Also you can sit and pretend to read at the cafe if u suspect love. If u do this for long enough they usually leave or give you enough of an opening to slip the books in ur bag.