How to steal from cash drawer at work?

Submitted by ls7 in Shoplifting

I've never stolen anything before, but I'm running really low on money. I close at work (I work in a department store) tomorrow by myself, so I'll have access to the cash drawers. There are cameras, so is there any way I can pull this off?


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MhikeiMPC wrote

If you are going to do this, which i highly do NOT recommend because the drawers are counted every day, and compared against sales data, do it slowly. Only take like a dollar per shift. small amounts like this will be ignored, as its usually cashier error. Milk the cow slow and steady, you get the most milk that way.


youbuyingweselling wrote

Why jeopardize one thing for another? Just go steal somewhere else. There are plenty of low-risk items available to make money on if you just use your head.


Cartoon_Cat wrote (edited )

We just had someone get caught pocketing $500/shift - they only got caught because a colleague/friend reported them.

They had the responsibility of counting the takings at the end of the day, so they just put cash payments in the drawer during the day without putting them through the register (keeping track of the extra cash they were adding). During closing they pocketed the extra cash that wasn't processed by the system.

Kinda smart, but they were far too greedy. $50/day would have been sustainable if they'd kept their mouth shut.

If you're comfortable robbing customers, you can overcharge and refund to yourself. E.g. if you work in a bar, you can put an extra drink on a large bill (very common) and then refund the cash to yourself later.

Never, ever, ever just take from the cash drawer. You will get caught. This is too obvious. They expect people to try this, and know how to work out where any discrepancies have gone.


DamnScalper wrote

Not worth it. Internal theft is just as big as lifting, so they use resources like hidden cams, esp on tills.


Drshoplifter wrote

Sleight of hand. Every time a customer gives you cash hold onto it with the back of your hand facing the cam so the cam can’t see the money and put it in the drawer. Make it a habit to keep your hands in your pockets so it looks natural when you go from the drawer to your pocket.


Drshoplifter wrote

You should invest in a lock pick kit if your serious about doing this. you could investigate and find out when there is no security at a particular store, and clean every unattended register you find.


DamnScalper wrote (edited )

She has to get low down where the lock is, then assuming she has the skills (I'm guessing she doesn't), then f*ck around for say 5 mins. OP is gonna get busted, plus the register is usually monitored with cameras.


MhikeiMPC wrote

Unattended registers usually do not have the money inside, its taken out every day so if no one used that register that day, there will be no money inside.