Alternative to Walmart?

Submitted by Drshoplifter in Shoplifting (edited )

I have a few Walmart’s that I like to hit, I usually go for electronics, tools. Anyway they’re starting to lock everything up and it’s probably because of me. I like headphones a lot. Just any high dollar electronic will sell. I like tools. Any alternative to Walmart? I’m scopped staples and they have decent stuff. I’m at Lowe’s now. Any ideas for electronics? I asked around on the Best Buy sub on reddit and one lp guy said it’s easy to steal there dispite what the wiki page says on here. Thoughts?

Edit: I like stores who sell clothing and electronics. So I can put electronics in the basket, cover them with a couple shirts and go into a fitting room to conceal. They won’t be able to tell that the electronics are missing when I leave because the shirts will be in the exact same position in the basket.


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Thanksreddit wrote

Everywhere. I hit every store in a shopping center on a single trip


DontFuckWithTarget wrote

During the winter months I could consitantly hit BB for xbone controllers. However, summer poses a big problem where I live because there is NO excuse to have a jacket on, making concealing almost impossible.


Lurkerz wrote

Kohls actually has some good electronics at least my local one does, I've taken 4 Nest Thermostat E's and 2 Nest Thermostats 3rd gen this month which if your not sure look up what they go for retail just flipping those which I did and they move insanely fast I made like 800$


youbuyingweselling wrote

Kohl's apparently has pretty good LP. You always hear stories of people getting caught but obviously this just depends on your location. Finding spots is like one the biggest challenges...


ifthreewerenine wrote

I've read that Kohls actually has amazing LP. Lots of people on the old subreddit got caught there regularly.