Shoplifting/LP Terminology

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Loss Prevention/Security

LP - Loss Prevention

AP - Asset Protection

S3 - S3 handkey used for removing security tags

PTZ - Pan-tilt-zoom camera. A very high quality camera that can, well, pan, tilt and zoom.

ORC - Organized Retail Crime

Internal theft - Theft committed by the employee against their own business.

EAS - Electronic Article Security. Typically 2 tall towers that set off all alarms (besides ink tags).

Plainclothes - LP and Security employees dressed as a regular person

No-chase policy - A policy set into place by a store stating you cannot chase a shoplifter. Most stores with this policy will at least call the cops.


Gator Tag - Long security tag with a spike. No ink.

Ink Tag - A tag that releases ink when someone attempts to remove it manually. These tags do not explode or set off alarms.

RFID - Small sticker tag.

Spider Wrap/2alarm - Big alarm that wraps around high end products with wires. Very fucking annoying.

3alarm - Padlock security tag. Electronic. Also sets off security gates.

Pencil Tag - Hammer-shaped security tag.

Soft Tag - Small adhesive security tag.

Hard Tag - Square security tag with a spherical nub.

Lanyard Tag - Large boxy tag with a cable.

Source tag - An item that has tags attached during manufacturing inside the box.


Golf Detacher - A magnet used and designed to detach security tags. They can be used to detach security tags.

Booster Bag - A typical bag lined with material, typically foil, to block RFID signals to bypass security tags to prevent setting off an alarm.


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Jiminsmallpepper wrote

What about barcodes printed in the item? Like I saw an album that had the barcode printed it on (it wasn’t a white sticker but just black bars with numbers) do these set of alarms if I were to walk past the doors??


bwqrdsaf wrote

Need to have SWIM under Other: Someone Who Isn't Me

Intended to be used to imply the alleged crime was done by someone else and not by OP


youbuyingweselling wrote (edited )

what are the alarms called that they have lowes now? i have heard them be referred to turtle alarms due to there green color but what company makes these? i guess they are pressure sensitive?


Drshoplifter wrote

Id note that 3 alarm tags set off the security alarm and go off themselves with their internal alarm when you pass the was towers.