How to steal alcohol?

Submitted by Sandboxgamer16 in Shoplifting

So I live in Britain and there is one store I usually go to called b&m. It has to be the easiest place to lift. You rarely see any customers or workers around.

There are 1 or 2 cameras for every long isle

And there are no security tags on anything

And to finish off. No security towers at front door

But the alcohol is on display to some cash registers. Does anyone know a way around this, especially since I look under 18


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Avalon wrote

You people in the UK are so lucky... Not only do you have less strict alcohol laws than Finland, but you can also get 40% alc drinks in a fucking grocery store. Here in Finland it's rare enough to see 5% drinks in supermarkets... The alcohol stores here are basically only viable if you run for it.


ifthreewerenine wrote

Grocery store, during your weekly shopping. Not every location is set up like this, but near me, the liquor store is (at some locations) just out on shelves and ready to be selected and put into cart with your other groceries. You have to be subtle, not greedy, and look like you're old enough to be purchasing it.


Drshoplifter wrote (edited )

If find a store where its on display away from cash registers, Hide it in a blind spot to cameras and bag it up the next day if its still there. from what i understand they are pretty lenient on theft in the uk. especially if you are under 18.

edit: Youll be fined 30 pounds and cautioned... even as an adult


Drshoplifter wrote

if you cant find another store. watch the cashier as you take the alcohol and make sure he doesn't make eye contact. do it when he is busy.