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If you're from Reddit, welcome to the new shoplifting community, I'm the guy who probably dragged you here. This is the most active shoplifting "forum" community on the Internet, as of right now. Feel free to post around, as we're growing pretty rapidly. If you're signed up but not subbed, go ahead and hit that Subscribe button so we know we're getting people.


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Drshoplifter wrote

I hope we get big so we can learn different methods of theft. We shouldn’t have to pay for a product when the one we’re stealing from makes several billion a year.


MhikeiMPC wrote

I hope you aren't serious with that mentality. That's just like saying I can live in a part of your house since you have the rest of the house to yourself. Something better to say would be why we should give them our money when they dont give a shit about us, their employees, and exploit slave laborers.


Drshoplifter wrote

im dead serious and dont even understand what your trying to say. lol. What your saying matches my beliefs.


Avalon wrote

I just like not having to pay. I don't really understand why some people use excuse shoplifting.


ziq wrote

If you're a billionaire with a mansion then yeah, share it.