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Lurkerz wrote

No they do not lose hours or get fired from theft, the only exception to this would possibly be a small locally owned company which I leave alone anyways. Although big corporations will try to make you think that this does happen simply because then employees have a reason to want to stop/lessen theft AND if customers believe this theres a better chance they will say something if they witness theft themselves which ultimately all these things are simply making the big corporations more money.


Drshoplifter wrote (edited )

This is true, they make you pay a civil demand to the store rather than arrest you in a lot of cases. its more profitable to the store.

Edit: i can guarantee most stores are much richer than you, so dont worry about it. They have the money to give their staff hours and that is there choice. They will cut whoever they can no matter what, for profit.


madmaggs wrote

In all truth is yes it does harm employees in a way. It’s nothing huge most of the time and ive never heard of theft being the sole reason a store goes out of business or people get fired. But for example at my old job we were required to write up sales associate when people stole from the store which is shitty and it gave them anxiety. Some of them ended up on probation for a few months where they were allowed to call out or they’d be up for termination.

I think we like to tell ourselves it doesn’t hurt them at all which is a lie and then people who hate lifters try to hype it up and make it sound like more than it is. The reality of it is somewhere in the middle