Should I complain to corporate?

Submitted by SuperDave in Shoplifting (edited )

So a manager stopped me and asked if I was gonna pay for what was in my bag, but she only assumed I had merchandise because the bag was obviously full. The day before I bought 3 bottles of wine and put them in that same shopping bag. The day I got stopped, I walked in the store and the bag looked full, like there was wine in it. And I know for sure they don’t have me concealing on camera. I didn’t even go to the wine department that day. I had it staged. I also am positive no one saw it on foot. I want to claim that the manager scared me by accusing me of stealing, so I felt like I had to pay or possibly go to jail. Thoughts?

Edit: I’d claim it was the same wine I bought the day before, I just didn’t drink any.


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Drshoplifter wrote

Lol, kind of a jackass thing to do but ya, you could do that. Just say you were thinking about buying more wine and thats why you brought the bag in. It would definitely take away the proof of theft and get the employee into trouble.


Lurkerz wrote

I mean you could try but it's quite a stretch simply because why would anyone bring a full bag of 3 bottles of wine into a store they just came too and go shopping carry it around?