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Lurkerz wrote

Only things that trigger towers are the obvious like spiderwrap or alpha boxes and the subtle white raised sticker looking things or sometimes a price tag is thicker than normal hold it up to light and you'll see metal inside it then theres a hidden tag inside. Honestly the main thing that even still sometimes gets me is source tagged items meaning the manufacturer hides a tag deep inside the box before shipping so unless you rip the whole box apart in-store you wont find it. But I've got to the point I could tell you all the company's that do and dont source tag and go from there.


Drshoplifter wrote

I use a booster bag so I don’t have to worry about alarms. You can just keep walking if they go off anyway. It’s a deterrent. You made a comment on another post that I agree with and liked. Just commit to walking out the door with the merchandise no matter what.