How do grocery stores catch onto lifters - if they do at all.

Submitted by ifthreewerenine in Shoplifting

Not talking about doing walk outs with a cart full of stuff.

Does grocery store LP catch on if a lifter slips every other item into their bag while they shop? And pay for like $25 of food while $40 is in their bag?

Obviously if you're lifting nothing but $20 steaks and a ton of alcohol from the same chain in the same area they'll probably catch on...but what about like...baking supplies, vegetables and yogurt?


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nighttimeartwork wrote

My nephew fills shelves for a certain supermarket chain to help pay his way through college. They have no LP and the only cameras are watching the cash registers. The shelf-fillers are supposed to watch out for theft but they are too poorly paid to care. He told me they never stop someone they see lifting, they're more likely to help them steal stuff, especially if it's another student .....


ifthreewerenine wrote

The chains near me have cameras, but most locations only have cameras in high theft areas like alcohol in meat. If you're loading up a cart while doing your weekly shopping it's easy to slip things (including meat and alcohol if you don't get greedy) undetected in a bag that rests in the front part of a cart. I know these chains have LP but I'm never sure if they're actively watching cameras.

I'm also curious to know how they monitor shrink.


Drshoplifter wrote

Kroger has lp. And yes if you have a bag at all they will watch you. Conceal in blind spots and away from people.


thief wrote

As far as I'm aware, not many grocery stores have LP. It's not impossible but very unlikely. If an employee watches someone conceal or pull some trick then that's how they catch them, especially on camera.