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boringskip wrote

Amazon takes pictures of the item on your doorstep now


DamnScalper wrote (edited )

True, but if there are multiple orders in one box (two cheap, and one expensive), you can claim that they forgot the expensive item! Really hard for Amazon to disprove, afaik. There's also the fact that Amazon workers steal from the warehouse, so you can accuse them of that.


JackinItup wrote

Actually this is only if there is an amazon delivery driver delivering the item, I have USPS bring 100% of all my amazon orders to my place and they do not take a picture of it, However the mail lady does do the delivery scan with her laser scanner thing.


Notmyredditusername wrote

Iā€™d try to steer clear of items like phones which have serial numbers because they may report them as stolen and make it unuseable, but I might be wrong.


thief wrote

Amazon. They are very scammable. They have a policy where they will either replace or refund nearly any item that is reported missing or stolen. Someone can explain this better than me but they ban your account after quite a few times I believe.


Throwdown321 wrote

you can only do this scamming a few times before being blacklisted, if you have people living in your address, i would advise use a PO box if they deliver to it. you probably dont want to use your own cc to directly purchase it as they will know who will be scamming, just my hunch. if you have other people living in the same address, you might indirectly blacklist their amazon purchases.